Can Paint Improve Your Sex Life …?

The experts tell us that colors can actually set the tone and the mood for how we are feeling they can either put us in a positive vibration or a negative vibration, and god knows nobody wants a negative vibration in the bedroom .
So, if the action in your bedroom has slowed down or come to a halt you may want to consider putting on a new coat of paint on those bedroom walls an see if those results don’t improve.
Tip…If your bedroom feels old chances are you and your partners sex life may be feeling a bit old too, so …SPICE IT UP
Suppose lets say, that your bedroom has not been painted for quite some time and it has that old tired look of faded paint, peeling pain, A BAD PAINT JOB, a less than climatic color scheme , Dated wallpaper believe me it could be killing your sex life without you knowing it.
You can choose paint colors to make your bedroom a reflection of your sexuality Daring, sophisticated, warm, forbidden, open, freaky, animalistic,. athletic on an on…
Variety is the spice of life, there is a variety of paint colors that if painted on your walls correctly, can spice up your bedroom and transform it from that same old , same old, feeling to a magnificent space that you and your partner can really scream loudly about.
When it comes to feeling sexy and romantic, red is the first color you think of, right? Red lips, red lingerie, Red dress-all red everything, It’s flirtatious exciting, luscious and provocative. Studies even show men prefer women who wear red on dating profiles as both sexier and more open to sexual encounters.
Red, it seems sends a very clear message about sex and now even the scientist has chimed in with some new and interesting data turns out it’s not just men who finds the color red overly sexual, but it’s women too, women who sees other women wearing red dresses, also perceive them as more sexual and open to sex. A bedroom wall painted with some hot red paint, could really fire up things, in your bedroom.
Black paint is more dramatic and daring , it has that forbidden quality, which is irresistible, a room painted black is a place where you can keep secrets and it also, shows confidence.
Chocolate brown colors has to be one of the sexist colors bar none, Chocolate being an aphrodisiac heightens the senses and seems to be a natural choice for a intimate bedroom fill with many, many nights of endless flirting and all the other intimate stuff that is sure to follow.
I can tell you , there are many other paint colors you can use in your bedroom to create a feeling of harmony and love.
As, for me, whenever I walk into a room painted in a deep teal blue, it always reminds me of my childhood days growing up in Jamaica and being on those beautiful sandy beaches swimming in and enjoying the sight of the deep teal blue colored waters of the Caribbean sea.
You must admit that some soft and sensuous colors on your walls must, come better than just getting out the shower nude and looking at naked walls, even if you blow it with the colors, deep penetrating colors like hot pink, aqua and baby blue can be used on a accent wall with most any other colors.
While you may not find just one color that stands up to your taste a good painter can use a variety of colors an paint your bedroom walls to give you any style you like, if your bedroom hasn’t been painted in say 6 to 9 years chances are, even the Doggy, is tired of that paint. suppose, you can’t afford to hire a professional painter, hey, call the gang over on a weekend, Have some pizza and beer on hand and let the gang help you bang it out. You are probably already stimulated , to do something. in the bedroom ,but are unsure or lack confidence as to what to do , don’t masturbate, call P J Brown Painting or visit us on line at www. …