House flippers and landlords paint for le$$



If you’re a landlord or real estate entrepreneur, buying paint is going to be a permanent and expensive part of your life. You always going to need paint…
It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a rental property or a fix-and-flip, paint is always a must.

The reasons that paint is mandatory when renting or selling is It ALWAYS makes a house smell and feel fresh and new no matter what it was before. When you have a rental that is filthy, you still have to clean it and do some things to make it nice, The paint is the magic. It’s automatic – when we smell paint, we think “new”… It’s just the way it is.
Obviously, when you’re flipping a place, you’re buying paint for sure. If, you are remodeling everything else, then it would be unthinkable not to paint.


Yes, mis-tints…
They are paints thats was ordered for a project or a customer and something went wrong. For some reason or another, it ended up being the wrong color for the project or the customer didn’t want it and the paint store has to eat their mistake. Maybe the mixing machine messed up and it didn’t output the exact color scheme it was supposed to or the customer did not cone back to pick up the mixed paint they ordered.The bottom line is that this is a huge opportunity for you to get quality paints at a fraction of what they would normally cost.

You simply go into your local paint stores and ask if they have any mis-tints. They will usually sell these paints for dirt cheap. I have bought massive amounts of good quality paints for under $4.00 per gallon and 5 gallon buckets for about $20-$30.00. They will vary in price depending on how badly the paint store just wants to get them out.

Sometimes the mis-tints are hideous colors and you don’t want those. Usually something in the tan/lighter brown family is fine. To get the best deal, offer to buy ALL of the one color. That’s when the store will really work with you. Now you have paint for plenty of houses for the price of half of a house. So, knowing what the normal price is for of a gallon of paint you can easily see how you can save thousands of Dollars doing this regularly. If you are in the Philadelphia area and cannot find sufficient amounts of mis-tints for you needs at the local stores I may be able to help I usually have a inventory of several popular colors on hand visit my site at and shoot me a email as to the quantity,colors and finish you would like.