Nothing changes the look and feel of your home as fast and inexpensively as a good paint job and painting is what we do at P J BROWN PAINTING SERVICE. We are highly skilled professional house painters with equally good skills at doing commercial painting also our prep work and finish is second to none we will not rest until you are satisfied with your interior paint job. There are lots of Painting contractors in Philadelphia but everyone knows P J BROWN…Paints the town it’s not just our moto. We want to paint your house, we want to paint your office, we want to paint your church , we want to paint your store we love to paint put us to work for you, you’ll love the results. Your walls, ceiling and trim will be covered with the colors you like as we will assist you in making the color choice that’s right for your space. Yes we can help you with colors to match your decor. A good interior paint job can even help to increase your homes value, So let us handle all of your interior painting needs.


Here at P J BROWN PAINT SERVICE we know that exterior painting has to look good because it is the first thing someone sees when they look at your home but we also believe that if it looks good on the outside it will feel better on the inside. A good exterior paint job also protects your home from the elements while at the same time helping to increase its value and speaking of protecting your home our experienced professional painters will protect your lawn, shrubs, flower beds, outdoor furnishings and decorations. No where else on your home is good preparation more important than when doing exterior painting,So to ensure a longer lasting and better looking paint job we use the best quality paints and provide power washing on nearly every exterior painting project to remove dirt, mold, salt and other debris then sand dust and caulk , fill and clean all surfaces prior to painting to be sure the paint gets maximum adhesion and that professional looking finish that P J BROWN PAINTING is known for that’s why in Philadelphia, pa. everyone knows P J BROWN …Paints the town


P J BROWN PAINTING SERVICE also provides expert Drywall repairs whether you are looking to tackle a single room or an entire property we have the tools, experience and manpower to get it done right.
That damaged drywall isn’t going to fix it self it will only get worse and end up costing you more in the end.
So, don’t wait we give free consultations an offer affordable pricing on Drywall repairs both large and small no matter what your needs are P J BROWN PAINTING SERVICE is here to help you. Weather it’s water damage, holes,, settlement cracks, spider veins or any other imperfections on your walls or ceilings we can fix them all at affordable prices..


P J BROWN PAINTING SERVICE will repair all your ceilings in a workman like manner.
If you need sheet rock, hanging,finishing,patching or repairs you are in the right place.
Got an older home with ceilings cracks or settlement damage while father time will take its toll on everything don’t ignore those cracks in the ceilings they will only get worse with time and could end up costing you much , much more.
If you have rough ceilings we can update them with a new pain-table textured one that looks modern an will help to increase the value of your home or rental property. Interior ceilings are something you will see everyday inside your home or Business and fixing a ceiling so the repairs can’t be seen requires more work and experience than you may think and we became great at fixing them from the repetition of doing so many ceiling repair projects we can be trusted to get the job done right with unmatched results.


When you move into your new home there is usually some things you may want to change and if you have wallpaper on your walls or ceilings removing it is probably one of those things you want to change.
Wallpaper can make your space look dated and limit your design options
You know you will only get that 21st century look when they come down but you are worried about the cost. Don’t worry our experts will remove that old wallpaper in no time at all at a fraction of what others are charging for wallpaper removal.
Wallpaper removal can be messy time consuming and can result in wall damage, different glues different types of paper and incorrect application can make wallpaper removal even more difficult and more time consuming but you can trust the P J BROWN PAINTING team to get the job done quickly and neatly no one will be able to tell your walls or ceiling had anything on them before your new coat of paint we’ll make your project look great.
P J BROWN …paints the town


P J BROWN PAINTING will paint your office, church, apartment, retail store or other commercial spaces desiring quality commercial painting service. We can meet your demanding schedule and handle your specialty projects that require a high level of craftsmanship.
If you need over night painting, week-end painting or any commercial painting service we got you covered.
Our team of dedicated professionals will meet or exceed your expectations.
We’ve painted for day care centers, churches, restaurants, retail spaces,offices,bars,beauty salons and many , many more if you can dream it P J BROWN can paint it and by now if you are in the Philadelphia metro area you must know it’s P J BROWN that paints the town


Remove a picture or hanger from a wall and now there is a hole where the screws or nails had been or maybe there was wallpaper on the walls and now that it ‘s gone there is damage..
Here at P J BROWN PAINTING we do all types of wall repairs whether its a plaster wall or drywall, from small cracks to large holes when we are finished with your repair job only you and us will ever know that wall was repaired and that the result you will see when you have your walls repaired by the professional wall repair experts at P J BROWN PAINTING