The History of Paint: 3 Facts That Will Totally Surprise You

Fact #1
Painting your house could land you in jail..In the days of the American colonies painting the exterior or interior of your house would open up a person up to social disapproval. The pilgrims thought that a colorful home expressed vanity and a excess of HAPPINESS , yes even the pilgrims knew that a fresh coat of pain can make a person happy this was not just a popular belief in the American colonies it was the law. A preacher in the Charlestown colony painted the inside of his house in 1630 and was subsequently accused of sacrilege, an actually crime in colonial society.
Fact #2
Eggs, milk and coffee were some of the popular ingredients used in the early days of paint making.The cave men painted their interior walls with paint made from sooth, earth and animal fats to make paint. Ancient Egyptian painters mixed ground glass or semi precious stones, lead, earth or animal blood with oil or fats to make their paints. The early Dutch method used lime and ground oyster shells to make white wash and then adding iron oxide for red or copper oxide for green, edible ingredients including milk, egg whites, coffee, and sometimes rice was used.
Fact #3
Picasso and many of his contemporaries used house paint from time to time.