Cheapest way to buy Acrylic Paints – MIS-TINTS

The Cheapest place to buy Acrylic paints….

Now, you do not have to pay a fortune for high quality acrylic paints. Did you know that your local paint store could sell you paints for less than $5.00 per gallon ? , If ,You knew what to ask for. On any given day , at the paint department of your local paint store , you can find many gallons of paint that was ordered and never picked up , For various reasons , These paints were pre-mixed for a customer and maybe the customer changed there minds, Or they didn’t like the color , Or the computer matching system wasn’t accurate , And it, Did not match the color right . This occurs quite frequently , Especially , if the customer didn’t provide a good sample to the store , But something went wrong.

Paint stores will dramatically mark down the price

The store cannot re-shelve the pre-mix paint , So they dramatically mark down the price, To get rid of it , Most people refer to these as mis-tint paints. So you can always ask, Your paint retailer if they have any mis-tint paints , On hand , You could be pleasantly surprised. You may not always find the exactly color to match , What you are looking for , But , For a huge reduction in price , You may be willing to accept another , Similar color.

Mis-tints can save you a bundle on top quality paints

Mis-tints paints, Can mean a real bargain on top quality paints , For you . Look at Who regularly buys these mis-tint paints, Landlords for sure , House flippers , Painting contractors , Handymen, And just about everyone , Who wants to save a ship load of money , When buying quality acrylic paints , These are not cheap paints , You do not , Want to buy cheap paints , For your painting project.

You get what you pay for

We all try to save a little bit of money , When we can , But probably , Nowhere , Else is the saying more accurate , That you get what you pay for, Than when , It comes to buying paints, There is a big difference between good and cheap acrylic paints. A cheap paint , Or , An in expensive paint brand(Thrift store paints) , Can actually end up costing you more in the end, Than if you had bought a good quality paint for your project, Cheap inexpensive paints do not last as as long , They breakdown faster, They do not have the same brilliant look and color and is more difficult to paint with, You may also, End up applying several more coats of paint unnecessarily, Just to get a good finish.


If you are unable to get quality mis-tints paints at your local paint store , Please give us a try , We usually have available in stock a large quantity , Of some of the best manufacturers MIS-TINT paints on the market today, Ranging in price from $7-$12.00 per gallon. These are top brands that would normally cost you anywhere from $45-$65.00 per gallon, They are scrutable, durable, and stain resistant interior and exterior paints, with some containing primers, they are 100% acrylic, water based latex paints , which makes for easy soap and water clean up.

Where do these paints come from?

Through our special relationship , With some of the areas largest paint stores. We are able to acquire mis-tint paints on a regular basis at a fraction of what the paints would normally cost and then pass the savings on to you. Our inventory currently includes latex and acrylic paints, in a variety of finishes like Gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell, satin and flat. We have paints available in five gallon containers and one gallon containers only.

These paints are safe for all rooms

Low and zero voc (volatile organic compounds ) paints .We do have a limited amount of low and zerovoc paints presently in stock , These paints are safe to use in all rooms , they release less voc into the air after painting. Some people in the past has stayed away from mis-tint paints in the past, simply, because they were scared, That , If they ran out of paint , Say half way through the job , They would be stuck , If they were unable to get anymore of that same matching paint, Well , good news , In todays computerized world , Those fears can pretty much be cast aside, Computer matching technology, Is so accurate today, Most paint stores can match your color with pinpoint accuracy.

Get it at a huge discount

We know that sometimes when you try to buy mistints paints, From someone else other than the paint store , They usually want you to buy a truck load of paint, To get it at a huge discount, But our paint prices are the same , Whether you choose to buy one gallon or fifty gallons. We currently have a large selection of colors in stock for you to choose from like:

White// Off whites // Classic white// Antique white // Blue // Brown//Tan // Beige // Green // Gray // Yellow // Pink
Please give us a call at 215 939-3624 for current availability and general information.