What Color Is Your Kitchen Painted…?

The kitchen is a very versatile place in the home , you can, beat your meat in the kitchen , squirt juices all over the place, or even toss a salad in it.
But, if your paint colors are not stimulating or vibrant, you may just be jerking off. There are some really deep penetrating colors that are hard to resist for the kitchen, like some hot reds or a  comequat green, or maybe, a stiff banana yellow, and by all means your kitchen ceiling must be painted white, don’t worry if you cannot reach it, to paint it, just get a long black extension stick, to help you reach ,the places a shorter stick cannot.
A boring kitchen…
A boring kitchen can leave you wanting for more, more of what..?, more of what  you want.
Kitchens are erected differently, than bedrooms even though painting them, is just a matter of the position , you take , but sometimes, they can perform some of the same functions. As, a young boy growing up,  before the days of the internet, yes there was life before the internet, i remember my dad would hide his porn magazines under the bottom of the kitchen counter, i would sneak down stairs at nights, when i knew he was asleep and up under the kitchen counter, I’d go , now, I’m wondering if those dirty magazines may have anything to do with my love of jerk chicken , or is it just because I’m jamaican, ha,
Standing up behind her..
One day, i recall my mother finding some of dads magazines in the kitchen, under the counter and as i tried to push them in more , she- pulled them out , dad just happened to come, home early from work that day and was standing up right behind her, a little scared, she just said my god you come already, they both seem a bit angry, at the moment, however, the next morning, as we sat down for  breakfast at the kitchen table , i noticed bad seems to have a lot of moms  make up on him, it, took me a while to figure that one out, butt the kitchen is a very interesting place , it’s usually where you will find the back door, whether i’m painting the interior or the exterior of the back door , i always hold it firmly, so it does’n move and put on at least two good coats of paint, to ensure total satisfaction , a stiff or hard brush usually works best, for this ,and i never  forget to prime her real good, before i say i’m finished.
Bend over the sink…
We head to the kitchen late at nights for snacks, and bend over the sink to wash dishes , if the dishwasher is not working, and why does the dishwasher have to give you that shaky vibration right before it goes dead, it even makes the kitchen floor  sounds a bit horny , anyway, painting your kitchen is very easy if you stick your roller in the paint, and keep it wet, please understand that you will last longer, if you take breaks between coats,
Don’t push it too hard…
And don’t push it too hard, you would not want to hurt anything, as sweet as kitchens can be , if you should get hairs in the sink holes , they will clog your drain, if you smoke avoid butts in the sink or you may then need to call a plumber, to plunge his snake into your opening , and relieve the pipes, cracks on your kitchen walls can be unsightly,  nail holes on your kitchen walls are no good, a good painter, with good drywall and finishing skills, can plug all your holes for you, big ones or small ones, and some professional painters work night and day ,
screw you….
A painter can easily…
A painter can easily screw you, or he can make your kitchen into an oasis , most painters from my experiences are very honest, however, Iv’e found that some will lie about their abilities, especially when it comes to working in the bedroom, most women,   are very open with there painter , about what they want, while,  men on the other hand can be harder to get there point across , as to what they really want,  even the pussy cat loves the kitchen, anyway a great kitchen with good cabinets, strong shelves, granite counter tops, ceramic tiled floors,  beautifully painted walls, are only a fantasy for some , me and my staff at P J Brown Painting Co. , can make any room in your home stand up, and be noticed by all who enter..